RegRipper download

I received copies of Windows Forensic Analysis 4/e tonight, and I’ve been working on the download for the materials that accompany the book.  Part of those materials include an update to RegRipper, which is now available here.

There’s an update.txt file in the archive that tells you what’s been updated, and when.  This is pretty much just an update to the plugins (and profiles, of course).  As such, I’m not going to talk much here about what’s new in this archive, but I will say this…if you have any questions, be sure to email me.

I will say this, though…I have some updates planned for RegRipper.  Basically, based on some feedback I’ve received, I’m going to update RegRipper to provide…where appropriate…the “normal” or default output that you see from plugins now, but also…again, where appropriate…TLN, CSV, and bodyfile output.  This will primarily be available through rip.exe at first, and it will not affect batch files that are currently in use.

Something I wanted to add…a couple of folks have provided plugins, and I wanted to thank them for doing so.  I’m not sure that they want their names known, so I’ll just say “thank you” for supporting RegRipper.


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